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 Welcome to

Bearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel 

American Pointing Labrador's     APLA ♦ AKC ♦ UKC


We reserve Sunday as a family day. Please schedule your appointment Monday-Saturday.  Email us for an appointment. The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador             The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador             The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador

Our Guarantee

Bearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel APLA, AKC, UKC American Pointing Labradors Hip, Elbow and Eye GUARANTEE

The puppy you are purchasing on, DOB: _____________, Reg _______________,  Micro Chip #_______________________ is guaranteed to be free of hip & elbow dysphasia; any CERF eye defects as long as the following criteria are met. The dog will be replaced with an eight week or older puppy from similar breeding or breeding of Bearpoint Kennel’s choice provided that all criterions are met.1. The dog’s hips and elbows should be x-rayed between 24 and 26 months of age by an approved veterinarian,

 1.  X-rays sent to O.F.A. to be examined. (Dogs over 26 months of age are not covered under this guarantee.

          Bearpoint Kennel or Black Forest can require a second opinion from a different veterinarian. 

2. If the dog was certified to be dysplastic, the owner must submit proof in writing to the O.F.A.

(A copy of O.F.A.’s certification) and from a veterinarian that the dog has been spayed or neutered.

Bearpoint Kennel has access to any vet records of injuries occurring prior to 2 years of age.

(Micro Chip number must be present on written documents.) Dogs sold before the 2-year age requirement, will still be required

To have the new owner get OFA x-rays done before full registration is honored.

3. The dog must not be used for breeding until x-rayed and approved by O.F.A. for both Hips and Elbows

          If the dog is used for Breeding or has been bred before being approved by O.F.A., guarantee is VOID.



4. The dog must have his/her eyes examined by 1 year of age by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist must state in writing that the defect is of a hereditary nature and not caused by injury or illness. (Micro Chip number must be present on written document.) Dogs over 18 months are not covered under this guarantee. (REQUIRED FOR FULL REGISTRATION)


5. We guarantee not to produce an effected (positive) dog with EIC, CNM, SK2 or Pra-cd



6. Ethical Breeder policy: Puppies will be sold with a Limited Registration. Dogs Hips/Elbows, Eyes and ALL DNA requirements must be met per guarantee. Bearpoint has the right to refuse anyone Full Registration if deemed necessary. Cost of full Registration is $25.00 which is paid to AKC directly by new owner. All Health clearances are at new owners’ expense.


7.  No dog will be guaranteed unless the pup/dog is registered with AKC and/or UKC and must carry the word Bearpoint.

Full Registration will not be granted if Bearpoint is not in the puppy/dogs registered name (30 Characters Max). A microchip must also be registered and has not been transferred to a new owner. Also, except Black Forest.  Bearpoint may also for any of these conditions, refuse a new owner requesting dog replacement or Full Registration.

8._________(Int)  Feed your puppy good premium 26% food. You must feed Life’s Abundance Large Breed Puppy for the 1st year. This is what we feed for the first year of age. This is very important for your puppy’s proper development and health throughout their life. When they turn 10 months to a year of age, move them to Life’s Abundance All Life Stages to continue your dog’s health. May order Dog food from our web page, under Products or procedures, Thanks   May extend the Puppies Health Guarantee of any genetic health to 36 months of age, if you are feeding Life’s Abundance Dog Food.

9. If not considering a breeding program, puppies should be spayed or neutered AFTER the age of 18 months of age, this will promote good healthy joints and growth development. Guarantee voided if not followed!!!  


 ****This puppy leaving Bearpoint Kennel is healthy and eating well. If you have concerns about the pup’s health you are not to take this puppy off Dale and Brenda Merritt’s / Bearpoint Kennel, LLC property. If there is a concern this pup you will forfeit for a different puppy from a different litter, same color same sex. We are not responsible for any vet bills that occur after the puppy has left Bearpoint Kennel, LLC and Dale and Brenda’s property.


You are initiating that this brochure was given to you.

**Bearpoint Kennel has given the Treatment Records and Rabies Prevention brochure per Colorado 19.00 F. 3. _______ Int.

10. Initials indicate you understand what must be done before Breeding this Male/Female Dog. If male pup, did client check both testicles? ________________. Initials to accept .

Print Guarantee