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Bearpoint Kennel and Black Forest Kennel 

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We reserve Sunday as a family day. Please schedule your appointment Monday-Saturday.  Email us for an appointment. The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador             The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador             The POINT is Clear, The Ultimate All Around Hunting Dogs!  Natural Pointing Labrador


 Dale and Brenda,

I have known Dale and Brenda ever since receiving Dusty back in 2008 It wasn’t too many years after that my wife and I wanted another pup. The genetic quality and trainablity were so on point with Dusty that we never even considered going with another breeder.  Drake came to us from Roxy and Bear again from Bearpoint. He was so easy to train that he was hunting ducks and geese at 6 months. He is quickly approaching 12 years old now and still bringing in birds. After waiting a long year we now have our third dog Fin, from Baron and Chane, again from Bearpoint. The first day home at 8 weeks he masters both sets of stairs in our house, up and down.
     Most people think that hunting dogs cannot be house dogs and that if you play tug-a-war they will have a tough mouth. This has never been the case with Dusty or Drake. Dogs from Bearpoint will push you as a trainer because they are so smart. I would highly recommend Dale and Brenda’s operation at Bearpoint Kennels. We have 3 dogs from them currently and will be getting a few more down the road. 

Justin Flohr  justin.flohr78@gmail.com

 Dale and Brenda,

Thank you for your new year wishes and thank you again and again for Macy out of your 2018 Savage Rose breeding.  Her pheasant hunting is nothing short of incredible.  A real powerhouse!  Her points have really matured and are near 100% on stationary birds.  We have bagged almost 120 pheasants this season and still have over a week to go.  Duck retrieves can best be described with gusto.
Happy New Year
Taking a break in the afternoon sun near Tri-cities Washington

Hello, Dale and Brenda

We Love our Bridger, here some pictures of our loveable Bridger (from Stella and Cobra 9/2020)

Kathy Benson <kbpetvet@earthlink.net>

Happy to be a reference!

Hey Dale and Brenda this is Reed Johnson I met you guys about 12 years ago. I was a major league baseball player for 13 years at the time and ended up retiring in 2016. We got Yogi from you in 2009 and he is doing well but slowing down a bit being he turns 12 on Halloween. Yogi and Tyces picture we sent you are featured on your website a couple times. Tyce was 1 at the time.  What a great dog we have. With Yogi slowing down a little bit I was looking at potentially getting another puppy. We would probably be looking for a male black. I know sometimes websites and Facebook sites may not be updated perfectly all the time so I wanted to check in with you to see your availability or future availability of what you think would be a good litter for us to choose from. Thanks so much Reed Johnson.

Riffle (Savage/Gemma) is enjoying his time with Yogi 2022 Christmas

Happy to be a reference!

Dale and Brenda,

Happy New Year and Congratulations Dale on your election to APLA President. I know you will do a superb job leading the group forward.

Be careful what you ask for as sometimes you get it. Based on your request for updates on Bearpoint dogs I wanted to update you on Dakota and his future plans. I know you have seen him run at various APLA events so I may not need to provide you with this info but it his was an unusual course and we are just so proud of his performance.

As you may remember, Dakota is the result of a cross between Chief and Crackers (DOB: 8/6/14). He was the third male taken (out of four) and I would love to know how the ones that went before him are doing as he has excelled at everything. Due to schedule issues and conflicts (ours) we were unable to get him started in a training program until he was over 18 months old. In the beginning he was way behind the other dogs and showed no inclination to point. While we were happy with the dog I was saddened that I might not have a pointing lab – was I wrong.

He began training with Julie Knutson in March of 2016 and went through several months making great progress but showing no signs of pointing. He was phenomenal in all aspects of land and water except the point. We didn’t do any APLA tests in 2016 as he wasn’t showing any pointing traits. All of a sudden in November while hunting in Nebraska he just locked up and pointed a hen pheasant – actually, I wasn’t sure initially what he was doing! I believe the natural instinct finally came out as a function of being in a situation where the birds held in good snow cover. That said, throughout the three days in NE he had over 40 points and multiple roosters shot over him. Since that time he has been a flushing, pointing and retrieving machine. He has ‘no quit’ in his vocabulary and a fantastic nose that allows him to find birds often other very good dogs have passed over or missed. He had a great fall that year and this year and really kicked ass.

Since he started pointing Julie got him through the APLA process very quickly. He achieved his 4xGMPR (actually 4.5x as he passed on the Saturday run so just ran on Sunday for fun and was one of only a four who passed) in less than 6 months. Simultaneously, he ran in AKC Senior Hunter tests where he titled going 5/5 never failing a challenge in spite of the fact it was me running him. I have had Julie run him in the APLA and AKC Master Hunter trials and he needs four more passes for MH which we hope to finish the first half of this year. After that I plan to do HRC and possibly some ‘run and gun’ trials where he can really demonstrate his field capabilities.

Overall he is a dream (I think Julie would agree but ???). He is a phenomenal family dog – affectionate, obedient, appropriately protective, laid back – but flips the switch into the hunt mode at the drop of a hat (bird). He is incredibly athletic and FAST which made early training interesting as you really had to anticipate his moves. No dog ever beats him to a downed bird if I allow him to go and his marking abilities are fantastic. Julie, who, at least in my time with her, is rarely effusive with praise on dog or owner seems really happy with how he is turning out and I think enjoys training him.

If somewhere along the line you hear of someone who would like to have a dog with his traits let us know as we would love under the right circumstances to ‘share’ what it is that we have been given. We appreciate Bearpoint allowing us to purchase such a phenomenal family member. I look forward to many years of hunting with him and he is Angie’s walking/hiking buddy (very protective) so we never worry.

Sorry for the length of this email but just so happy with D. We hope this finds you both well.


Michael and Angie Barber – mjb020354@aol.com

Hello, Dale and Brenda

I think my being a “repeat customer” many times over speaks for itself. I’ve now owned 4 dogs from Bearpoint Kennel. Three of the four have earned APLA title(s), including Scout who earned a 4X-GMPR title. She also earned a Senior Hunter title with the AKC. All of them have been excellent hunters in both the upland field and duck blind, have pointed naturally from their first bird contacts, are pleasant companions around the house, and most importantly, have enjoyed excellent health and physical soundness throughout their lifetimes. Bear/Roxy (Sprig) – Jock/Sara (Parker) – Max/Abbigail (Scout) – Bear/Scout (Luke)

These dogs are not bred to be “Couch Potatoes”. They need frequent physical activity and mental stimulation. If you commit your time and energy to them, they’ll return the favor many-fold. Feel free to email me at vela@rsvp-invest.com or call 719-659-7881.

Steve Vela

Happy to be a reference!


We are proud parents of Lincoln, a 7-month old yellow lab from a summer 2017 Chief-Dutchess litter. Lincoln is incredibly smart – he learns new tricks and corrects bad behaviors in a few days or weeks time. For example, Lincoln was house-trained, crate-trained and slept through the night within our first few days at home! He is very energetic and a great companion on runs, hikes, and playing outside. Despite his high energy, he is super gentle with children. He’s already been hunting once in Wisconsin and did phenomenal! We are often complemented on how beautiful a dog we have and it’s true, Bearpoint breeds absolutely stunning labs. They are strong, lean, and adorable!

Kyla and Wes Rikkers

Denver, CO



Yes!! We would love to be a reference. Maya is now 12 and the daughter of Shilo and Hawk. She is the best dog we have ever owned.

Little Shilo was just born to Dutchess and Chief and we can�t wait to meet her and bring her home.

This email is great contact for us.

Patricia Modica, patmodica@comcast.net

My name is Jack Hay and I am pleased to give my highest recommendation to Dale and Brenda and Bearpoint Kennels. I spent several weekends at the kennel; looking at the pups, puppy training and spent some days assisting with other training and competition activities. My “Max” just turned 8 years old and had been the best hunting dog I have ever had. He’s a Hawk/Lilly puppy. He has incredible drive, a good nose and is a wonderful hunting companion. Bearpoint Kennel is a first rate operation run by first rate people. You can bet that my next dog will be a Bearpoint dog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Jack Hay – 303-589-0376 – Oldmanhay@comcast.net

Amber turned 3 on Jan 08 2018.

I was concerned to have spent so much on a puppy from Chief and Jewels as I never had a hunting Lab before. HOLY COW. She just gets better and better. Just get her to understand what you want and the rest is history. She locks up on Chucker’s and Pheasant that cheat as you know and run. Steady to flush and shot. Then takes off on release. At home she is the most loving Lab and will climb into my wife�s lap and go to sleep.

Can’t wait to see what she learns next.

I can be reached at Halfmoa@ptd.net or cell 610-206-6959, Joel D. Sokoloff

Hello Dale and Brenda,

We have had two pups from Bearpoint Kennel. The first pup “Rocky” in 2003 out of Bear and Savana. The second “Chug” in 2016 out of Commander-in-Chief MH and Little Diva. Both dogs were/are very “game” and relentless hunters. Chug is a quick learner, great companion and tireless hunting partner, alway ready to go.

Super dogs / fine people

Steve Barak


303 683 8636

Hi Dale & Brenda,

Below is my reference for Jake, but I don�t remember who his folks are, so you can feel free to supply that info.

We picked up Jake in December of 2010, and from the outset it was clear that he was extraordinarily intelligent, not to mention brimming with a personality all his own. I took him pheasant hunting the first time when he was 4 months old, really just to give him a feel for things hunting with experienced dogs, and then kennel him when he got tired. He located several birds on his own, and after 3 hours we quit hunting, with little Jake still going strong. We enrolled him in the Bearpoint boot camp at age 6 months, and he came out a phenomenal hunter. As a pet and companion I couldn�t ask for a better dog. He’s a source of joy every single day for my wife and me. But when we go hunting, that�s when he really shines. I can’t count the number of people I’ve hunted with who all say he’s the best dog they’ve ever seen. Just what any proud dad likes to hear! It’s not at all unusual for a buddy to call us over to find a bird he shot and he and his dog can’t locate it. Jake never fails. To close, his bloodlines, training, and natural abilities combine to make him the finest companion and hunting dog anyone could ask for.


Lee Van Arsdale


Happy to be a reference!

Hello Everyone,

My dog Hunter is just outstanding. He is just perfect and a offspring of Rosie and Savage. I am so proud of my Bearpoint Lab. He is just so intelligent. The most beautiful I could have dreamed for. Brenda and Dale have extended to me all the special attention, me Hunter could have needed. I am so very lucky to have found them. They are like family to me and Hunter. My mom loves him. Please call me if you need an excellent reference about Bearpoint kennel, about the dogs, or the owners. They are all just stellar. Thank You. Mark Quigley 719-598-4710


Happy New Year and thanks for keeping me on the mailing list. I have enjoyed following you over the years. I have a female from the first litter thrown by Crackers. Sire was Max. I believe they are both retired now. We have been unbelievably happy with “Sasha.” I didn’t believe it was possible when you told me that you breed for “a calm dog in the house and an intensely driven dog in the field.” You were correct! I, and many people I hunt with, have never seen anything like it! Sasha is the smartest, bravest, sweetest, most loyal dog I have ever owned, trained, hunted over, etc. simply thrilled and exceeded my expectations. We hunt primarily upland and, unfortunately, have not competed with her – she would have done very well, especially here on the east coast. Sasha has gotten between 200 and 400 flushes/retrieves per year (tapering off in the last couple years) and gets plenty of praise from those that hunt with her. Her exceptional instincts and abilities are especially clear when she hunts alongside other dogs. Very impressive. She was hunting pretty proficiently at 6 mos old!! Crazy.

My contact info is the same as when I purchased and my office info is listed below. I am happy to be a reference for you and help in any way needed. There’s a good

chance that I will be contacting you in the near future to discuss another pup: wish I could clone Sasha

All the Best!

Keri Kirsch keri@insurfaces.com

Would be glad to share some thoughts on our Bearpoint pup! Ranger Danger came from Cal and CC�s spring 2015 litter. He has become an exceptionally obedient dog that has travelled on commercial flights with ease, is a gentle and playful companion for our three small children and is a natural born hunter! With a good basis of obedience training I was able to take him into the field and have success on birds immediately. He�s been wonderful on quail and is born to pheasant hunt. There is no question he is a very intelligent can do dog in all regards.

  1. Adam Thornton

Corrales, NM




Had 2 dogs over the years

My current pup is 1 1/2 yrs old 1st hunt this fall she retrieved 40 doves before 10 am on opening day, no lost birds. She even retrieved some I didn’t shoot. Highly recommended kennel. Quality pups, born hunters.


Hello, this is Don Young and would like to get a black male pup.

I would be happy to be a reference. I have raised 4 of your dogs.

Don Young

720 331 5085


I hope this is what you want, Rose was the mother and Savage was the father for litte August 2017. We have a wonderful yellow male lab, Oly Highlands Laddie.

Cc Wilson-odonnell –ccwo1217@yahoo.com


I hunted over a dog from this kennel a few years back and that’s why I bought one from there. That was a great dog, and Desmo definitely has the breeding.

I have travelled a lot this year, and when I leave I have been leaving him with a dog trainer who will board and train hunting dogs, Ted Hoff of Cottonwood Kennels in Crawford. Here are some of the quotes about Desmo from a pro trainer with 40 years of experience: “This is a world class dog” “He could win field trials at any level” “This is the dog everybody wants” “great nose, incredible bird drive, great vision, really smart”.

So I’m not the only one who thinks that Desmo has real talent. The only thing holding him back is that I’m a rookie trainer.

Their dogs are true hunting dogs, but they also field trial them. All of Desmo’s ancestors are either MH (master hunter) or GMH ( grand master hunter). The thing that you have to consider about that is that they are very high energy dogs. I like that, because as Ted says “It’s a lot easier to dial back a high energy dog than motivate a lazy one”. That’s my biggest challenge with Desmo. If I miss a bird, he’ll chase him into the next county. The flip side of that is that he was making true hero retrieves at 7 months. I jump shot a mallard at Havilland Lake and he chased that wounded duck most of the way across Havilland Lake. When the duck would dive he would swim in circles until it came back up. Then he had to fight the wounded duck in the middle of the lake. All this at 7 months. A couple of weeks later I knocked some feathers off of a rooster up by Delta. He flew over a low ridge to the east, Desmo behind him at a dead run. Ten minutes later Desmo comes trotting back over the ridge with the rooster in his mouth. I have no idea how far he chased him. He holds a point like a champ as well.

I would give this kennel my wholehearted recommendation. They just breed great dogs. They are not cheap at $1500 to $2000. However, you are going to spend a lot more than that on the dog over his lifetime. I’d rather spend that money on a great dog than a poor one. I like the odds of getting a great dog when they have great breeding.

They are in Larkspur, near Castle Rock off I-25. Call if you have any questions.

Bob Zahradnik 970-749-8059 – zahradnik@bresnan.net

Max/Abby-H pup

I named my pup Chasse (pronounced Chase).. I like the name. Also French for “hunt” and “Mus�e de la Chasse” is one of my favorite museums in Paris (hunting museum). I killed a dozen quail over him on Tuesday.. I’m a life long hunter, my dad is a professional hunting guide (we run English pointers and labs), he runs a large commercial operation. I’ve literally been around 1,000s of hunting dogs in my life, Chasse demonstrated more pure instinct and talent as an 11 week old than anything I’ve ever seen. Pointed quail, retrieved to hand, trailed crippled birds, has an excellent nose and a pure love for birds.

Look for us on the APLA circuit soon. He’s too good to not run.


Hello Dale and Brenda,

Wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how overly pleased I am with CPR Scott’s Razmataz of Bearpoint!

He has been fun to train…he has allot of fire…wants to retrieve everything…all the time! Great point, pretty good marker…very nice all-around gun dog. He nailed his CPR in Illinois last weekend…couldn’t make it to a test for him last year or had it sooner. I think he scored 31 of 35 points…..we also had him hold point for longer than the 5 second minimum….for future training. He will run 3 weekends straight in NAHRA….needs one more pass for his SR…then will test for WR……and maybe MHR in future. He has been blessed with Excellent Hips, Clear eyes, and is CNM clear also. If he spent some time with you guys and had advanced pointing training….I think he could become a GMPR….he has SH retrieving skills and runs pretty consistent 100-125 yard blinds….land and water..so I think he could get there. My kids are where my money is going right now….they are 16-13-and 9. It is my dream in the future, though! I would love it if you wanted to use Taz as a reference for your kennel. If a guy like me can get a dog like this to do the things I need done for hunting and some hunt testing….it must be “The Dog!!!!” Good luck on your new training adventure.

Thanks again,

Scott Kemble


Hi Dale, Brenda,

Hope all is well up at Bearpoint. Here is a pic of Kaia, our 10 month Jake/Shilo pup, scanning the sky on a recent duck hunt. She saved the day for my friend Bob, finding two cripples for him that had swam off 25 and 40 yards from their drop mark in the flooded fields. The first had buried itself in a thick patch of reeds and the other, a drake pintail, was just moving on out. It was pretty amazing how she tracked them through the water and reeds. We had no idea where they had gone and without Kaia they would have been lost for sure. She retrieved six ducks that day, the last couple to hand. Needless to say I am pretty proud of our girl.


Mike Desjarlais


Dale and Brenda,

Just wanted to give you an update (and an additional thank you to Dale) on Kobe (Maggie/Hawk puppy).  I just got back this evening from a preserve hunt (just the two of us) with five pheasants – all scratch birds located in about an hour by this pup. I actually had points on all the birds and three of the five were delivered at heel/sit and held until told to drop.  This pup has responded to force fetch in an unbelievable (I feel) short time thanks to your advice Dale. He was grabbing for the bumper by the third night of pressure. Continuing to work him on this but seems to pick up on everything very quickly.

I am very impressed with him as a family dog as well. He loves the kids, won’t let the youngest (age2) out of his sight. Is very well mannered, and now loves it because he is free from his crate at night. I catch him now lying on his back, spread eagle, sound to sleep.

Thank you once again for your quaility dogs!  I know you like input on your sold puppies — I cannot say enough!


Hi Dale, and Brenda,

Just wanted to say hello and tell you what wonderful instincts the puppy I bought from you in early June has. I returned from a pheasant a grouse hunt up in northeast Montana yesterday afternoon. I took my puppy who I had primarily been doing obedience work with. He has been on scent and has done some field work but mainly just working on listening to me. I hunted for 3 days and by the last day he was pointing and then making the retrieve. It really did not matter if I got a limit or not just watching him work made the trip.

I think that one of my friends that witnessed these talents will be in contact after the first of the year for his new puppy.


Alan Gillespie

Hi Dale & Brenda,

Thanks for the info. Trust that you are all well. “Belle” is growing like a weed and has adapted very well. She is one smart pup and loyal as can be. Man oh man, she has some of the sharpest teeth this side of the continental divide too! She definitely shows a great combo of courage, curiosity, intelligence, responsiveness, teachablity and good old playfulness! Now if only I can catch up to and stay on track with her. Please say hi to Brenda. We sure appreciate the time you’ve spent with us and hope there will be some opportunities to learn from your training experience.

Brent Williams


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